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Our innovative, framed & frameless designs – each with its own unique characteristics – deliver functionality, inspire relaxation, and boldly attempt to rest on the principles of the “golden ratio” 

Splash Panels

Economical and minimalistic, splash panels are a great way to create seamless room divisions as well as upgrade and modernize your bathroom!


Door & Panel Shower Doors

A glass door supported by a stationary panel is a versatile choice in shower door fabrications. The sizes can vary and accomodate many different space designs. 

90 Degree Shower Doors

One of the most popular categories, 90-degree shower doors generally consist of two large panels and a supporting panel that will meet at two ends in a perpendicular angle. These can be customized to be frameless, semi-frameless or framed while still offering the latest in glass trends. 

Neo Angle Shower Doors

This unique design can consist of up to 5 panels, depending on the size of the intended build. It is accomodating to spaces where the shower is confined to a corner or oddly shaped space. NeoAngles are sure to impress guests and give your bath a more modern look. 

Unique & Customized Glass Builds

If your idea of a glass shower door design doesn't fit quite right into any of our categories, we can help with that! Custom builds are among our favorite. They allow the customer's one-of-a-kind style to shine through but more importantly, can make sure you get the PERFECT shower design, made exclusively to fit YOU and YOUR space! 

Sliding Bypass Shower Doors

While this concept is a classic in the history of glass shower doors, innovative frame technology has kept this "oldie" coming back decade after decade. Smooth, anticorrosive aluminum and clean, modern designs make this a great way to upgrade your bathroom affordably.

Pet Shower Doors

Your pet is just as important and deserves the most welcoming space for bathtime! A pet shower door can provide that and so much more! Our pet shower doors can be customized to meet your furbaby's needs & comfort! 


Mirrors are a must! With endless design options, why not freshen up the look of a room or bathroom by getting a customized framed or frameless mirror?! We have hundreds of made-to-order frames and can cut a mirror to virtually any size you need! 

Wine Cellars

 Any wine enthusiast will tell you that a wine cellar is one of the most ideal wine preservation and storage solutions! Whether you only own a handful of bottles or an entire collection of the Vintage, a custom-sized wine cellar can provide the perfect solution for your next wine tasting with friends!

Hardware & More

We have all the hardware you need to complement every type of project, from handles, to door locks to shelving. Because your project is so much more than just glass...

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